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Traveling Wilbury's Questions:


Q: Who are the Traveling Wilbury's?

A: The Traveling Wilbury's are a supergroup fueled by a passion for music. The group consists of 5 members, all from seperate bands and music genre's who joined forces out of friendship and a passion for music. The members consist of George Harrison from the Beatles, Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra, Tom Petty of Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers, Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan.

Q: What does 'The Traveling Wilbury's' mean?

A: When Jeff Lynne was helping produce George Harrison's 'Cloud Nine' album, a small personal joke was started. When recording an album, people in the industry refer to 'errors' as 'gremlins', George and Jeff started to refer to them as Wilbury's instead. Not so long after when the group formed, a naming discussion took place and George came up with 'The Trembling Wilbury's'. It was later agreed by all that 'The Traveling Wilbury's' sounded much better.

Q: Which album has the song "Handle With Care" and "End of the Line" on it?

A: The album frequently asked after is entitled, Traveling Wilbury's Volume 1. This CD has all 5 members singing on it before the sad death of Roy before Volume 3 was released. This album has some of the finest musical production work in existence.

Q: On all of The Traveling Wilbury's albums, there is no mention of the real group members. Howcome?

A: The group was always up for a laugh, and recorded the entire album out of fun and friendship. They thought it would be funny in turn to use nicknames instead. The individual names of each member on Volume 1 are as follows; Nelson Wilbury (George Harrison), Lefty Wilbury (Tom Petty), Charlie T. Junior Wilbury (Tom Petty), Lucky Wilbury (Bob Dylan), Otis Wilbury (Jeff Lynne).
On Volume 3. the names once again changed, they were as follows: Spike Wilbury (George Harrison), Muddy Wilbury (Tom Petty), Boo Wilbury (Bob Dylan), Clayton Wilbury (Jeff Lynne).

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