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Traveling Wilburys Wilbury Twist Lyrics

Traveling Wilburys Lyrics Traveling Wilburys: Volume 3: Wilbury Twist
  You put your hand on your head
Put your foot in the air
Then you hop around in the room
In your underwear
Ain't ever bin nothin' quite like this
Come on baby it's The Wilbury Twist

Lift your other foot up
Fall on your ass
Get back up,
Put your teeth in a glass
Ain't ever bin nothin' quite like this
It's a magical thing called The Wilbury Twist

Everybody's tryin' to do the Wilbury Twist

Roll up your rug,
Dust your broom
Ball the jack,
Howl at the moon
Ain't ever bin nothin' quite like this
Everybody's tryin' to do The Wilbury Twist

Turn your lights down low
Put your blindfold on
You'll never know
Where your friends have gone
Could be years before you're missed
Everybody's trying to do The Wilbury Twist

It's a different dance
For you all to do
Spin your body like a screw
Better not forget it on your shopping list
You can stop and buy one it's The Wilbury Twist

Ain't never bin nothin' quite like this
Eh, come and get it it's the Wilbury Twist
I guess by now you got the gist
Everybody's crazy 'bout the Wilbury Twist


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